Family-owned and run Dog and Cat Groomers with 20 years experience.

About Woodside Dog & Cat Groomers

Woodside Dog and Cat Groomers has been a family-owned and run groomers for over 20 years with head groomer Denise Gatlife. Denise has always had a love for both dogs and cats and has showed dogs for over 40 years with award winning German Pointers.

2 Show Champions, 1 Field Trial Champions and 3 Full Champions to name but a few over her 40 years of showing dogs.

Grooming Services Include;


Full groom, Wash and brush plus Individual services

We are dog and cat groomers with over 20 years experience

At Woodside Dog and Cat Groomers our expert dog groomers will do everything they can to make the grooming experience easy and relaxing for your dog or cat. Skilled in all dog and cat breeds, they will work to your specifications. If you’re unsure what you want, we’ll discuss styles with you.


Services and Pricing

Our facilities at Woodside Dog Grooming are suitable for all breeds and cross-breeds, large and small dogs (and puppies of course!) and we can provide anything from a simple shampoo and dry to a show-stopping full clip and styling. With every groom, a basic health check, nail clipping, ear cleaning/plucking are routine, and specialist services are provided on request (speak to a member of our team).

An average groom will take around two hours, our dog grooming prices  are based on size, breed, grooming-style and time required.


Grooming services are for both dog's and cat's