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Make a Booking

Here at Woodside Cattery we will give your cat the holiday they deserve. Our cabins are clean, comfortable and warm, with lots of space for them to adapt to their natural behaviour, whilst looking out on to open fields and woodland.

Make a Booking

Before you make your booking please read our Terms and Conditions below.

  • (Vaccinations) Under no circumstances can we accept cats without an up to date veterinary certificate against feline enteritis and cat flu. Please bring the card with you so we can take a copy.

  • No kittens under 10 weeks of age that have not been inoculated.

  • Any collars will be removed on entry to the cattery. We advise to take your cats collar off prior bringing your cat to the cattery.

  • If any fleas/ flea dirt or worms are found on cats on arrival, we will treat the cat for either fleas or worms. This cost will be passed on to the customer at the time of paying.

  • The cattery is fully insured. The insurance covers all cats in our care whist boarding with us, however any pre-existing conditions are not covered on the cattery insurance.

  • Any cat left with us after 3 weeks from the original departure date will deemed to be abandoned, and we reserve the right to re-home the cat.

  • Minimum stay is 2 nights at Woodside Cattery.

Now we can make a booking by calling us

Opening Times / Drop-Off & Collection Times

Monday - Saturday 9am until 10am or 4pm until 6pm

Sunday 4pm until 6pm 



If you cannot get between these times please call us to make arrangements. 

7 Heated Cabins for your furry friends in our brand new Woodside Cattery